Understand traffic exchange

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Understand traffic exchange is a good idea to learn the process on how can we used this opportunities on the net.

What is traffic exchange?
Traffic exchange is a term used to exchange visitors between two person or more to visit websites or blog sites.

Traffic exchange can be categories into two parts: Manual Surfing and Auto Surfing

Manual surfing is manually done by a surfer to visit one or thousands of website daily depending on the ability of a person to visit website. The ability of a person to visit thousands of websites or blog daily is depending on the speed his/her internet connection. The higher the speed of your internet connection the better...

Auto surfing is automatically done just by clicking the auto surf option. Auto surfing will visit website without the supervision of human being to visit websites or blog...

That is traffic exchange. Traffic exchange really has the important role in my website or blog? Read the next lesson >>>>>> have a great day!!! <<<<<<


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